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Find Your Easter Bunny Name

Let's have a little fun today! Use the chart below to find your Easter Bunny Name. Let me know what it is in the comment section below. My Easter Bunny name is Bubbles Wiggle-Nose. Love it! Now...I've got to get off this computer and get ready for Easter! I am so far behind. I am on the hunt for a baby Elsa doll. If you don't know, it is impossible to find! Wish me luck :) Stay sweet, Amanda

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Easter Fonts

Hey sweets! If you are looking for some last minute Easter ideas then you are in luck. Today I am sharing some super cute Easter fonts that you can use for your cards, crafts and decorations. And as an added bonus...they are all free! Bunny Caps RM Bunny Springtime Easter Egg See, I told you they were super cute. Which Easter font is your favorite? Leave me a comment in the section below. Now, get to Eater crafting! Stay sweet, Amanda

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Peeps S’mores, Yummy!

Who doesn't love Peeps? I know my kids certainly do. Sugar coated marshmallows...TOTALLY! I saw a recipe on Pinterest the other day where they melted Peeps over top of a dessert casserole and it looked yummy. It got me thinking (which can be a scary thing, just ask Stephine). I thought how great would it be to make Peeps S'mores? Super simple. All you need is Hershey's chocolate bar, honey grahams, and Peeps. Peeps S'mores Recipe You will want to put your ...

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Striped Easter Eggs

Do you love geometric shapes as much as I do? I love clean crisp lines. Neat and tidy. And that is exactly how I am decorating my Easter eggs this year. Photo credit: Burcu Avsar Today I want to share with you how to make these striped Easter eggs. You don’t need an artist’s steady hand to paint these graphic stripes. The trick to uniform bands is a notched cardboard box, which helps control the egg and paintbrush. You will need to ...

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Easter Chick Printable

Happy Monday sweets. This weekend as I was walking to my car I noticed that my tulips had started to spring from the ground. It got me very excited because that means warmer weather is coming....and that warmer weather is very welcome right now, especially after the brutal winter we've had. And that got me thinking. As one thought lead to another, I soon found myself thinking about baby chicks and Easter. (Don't ask me, its just how my mind ...

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Shamrock Shooters Recipe

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing your green? I would hate to see you get pinched. Today, I want to share with you a quick and easy dessert for St. Patty's Day festivities! It is called the Shamrock Shooters. Stay sweet, Amanda

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Lucky Printable

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Me...not so much. So I am getting ready for St. Patrick's Day with this cute 4x6 "Lucky" printable I created to bring good tidings my way. It's perfect for party decorations and easy to frame to add a little touch of luck to your home decor for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. You can also use it as a note card! Download Lucky Printable here. Stay sweet, Amanda

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Balloon Flip Flops

Hi Everybody! Gracie here, with my mom of course. Today I want to share with you how to make balloon flip flops. I made them this weekend at a birthday party I went to and just love how they turned out. They are my new favorite shoes. And, they are are perfect for the pool this summer because it is okay if they get wet. They are really easy to make. All you need is a pack of about 50 balloons ...

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Cherry Thank You Card

Saying "thank you" is one of the most important manners we can teach our kids. A heart full of gratitude helps remind us that no matter what life may throw our way, we have a lot to be grateful for.  So today, I want to share with you a cute little cherry thank you card I created.  It is super easy to print off and write notes of appreciation to those you want to recognize for their thoughtful gestures. Click here ...

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The Method of Marbling

Have you seen this awesome technique called marbling method? It is AMAZING. This simplified process creates patterns that are looping, organic, and pretty. You can use it on paper, leather, or fabric projects. I am going to show you how to do it and...I've got a great Martha Stewart giveaway at the end! Items needed: Alum 2 shallow plastic bins (with lids, optional) Medium (paper, leather, or fabric) Plastic bucket Methocel Distilled water Clear ammonia Whisk Craft paints Paper cups Dispersant Coffee stirrers Clothesline or drying rack Paper towels Step 1 Prepare Materials: Mix 3 tablespoons alum ...