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DIY Ribbon Flip Flops

Have you ever seen the super cute ribbon flip flops that little girls wear and wished you could make a pair for your daughter? Well, now you can. It is so easy and takes about 15 minutes. My daughter, Gracie, is a gymnast and just loves hers. And an added bonus, they are quick and easy to take on and off!

Flip flop assembly instructions:

Items needed:

  • 5 different grosgrain ribbons (2 thin and 3 thick)
  • Thin satin ribbon to wrap around the base of each flip flop
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lighter


Cut you ribbons into 6″ strips. Before you begin tying, the ends of the ribbon need to be sealed to prevent fraying. To seal the end, simply apply a small lighter flame to the end to singe the end. If the end of the ribbon begins to burn, blow out the flame. Repeat on both ends of all ribbon strips. Now you are ready to begin assembly.

Take your first color and tie the ribbon to the left side base of the strap using a square knot (right over left, left over right.)  Repeat using the same color and technique on the right side of the base. Next, tie the same color on both sides at the toe.


You will use an alternating pattern to assemble with flip flops. The pattern here is as follows (only using grey on the ends):

  • Purple glitter
  • Black
  • Polka dot
  • Lavender

Use this pattern to work up each side of the straps making sure that the ribbons are tied close together.  Continue until the strap is completely covered.

Using a glue gun, attach the long purple satin ribbon around the outside of each sole.  Begin at the inner sole so the seam will not be visible and work in small sections to avoid getting too messy with the glue.

That’s it. You’re done!


DIY Ribbon Flip Flops


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