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DIY Spring Rosette Wreath

Let me just say that I am THRILLED that spring is finally here! Normally, I don’t mind the cold weather but for some reason this year I just couldn’t handle it. I am so over of all the mud the dog (a 170lb Newfoundland) tracked in every time is snowed and frozen windshields.

Well, now that spring has sprung, I needed a new fresh wreath for my front door. I’ve been inspired by all the fabric wreaths I’ve seen, but I still love a good vine wreath. So, I took the inspiration and combined it with my two personal favorite things right now, pearls and fabric rosettes, to create my own.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Vine wreath
Pearl ribbon
1/4 yard of fabric in 4 colors of your choice


First you will want to create your rosettes by cutting 1″ wide strips the length of the fabric. Then you will tie a knot at one end and wrap the remaining fabric around, hot gluing as you go, until you get the desired size. When you are finished, you will want 4 large rosettes and 6 smaller rosettes. TIP: If you fold your fabric in half length-wise, you can cut it in 1″ strips faster.

How to make a fabric rosette

Once you’re done making your flowers, you will want to lat them on the wreath so you can make sure you attach them exactly where you want them. When you’re happy with your layout, hot glue them to the wreath. The next step is to wrap your pearl ribbon around the wreath.

When you are ready to hang your wreath, take a leftover piece of fabric and wrap it around the top and tie it in a knot to hang.

DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial

Spring Wreath Tutorial

So cute! I would love to hear your comments below.

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